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Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields (with Case)
Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields (with Case)
Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields (with Case)

Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields (with Case)

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Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields come in a convenient durable hard plastic carry case for easy and hygienic portability. 

These ultra-thin, super soft and flexible 100% silicone nipple shields, are handy and effective tools to help you kick-start if not also be with you throughout your whole breastfeeding journey. 

The Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields are designed with a special clear-cut design to help maximise skin-to-skin contact, helping all Mama wearers to ease early breastfeeding sore nipple pains, as well as latch-on challenges. Many of these challenges may include premature, small or ill infant, flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, lip tie, or overactive let-down. 

*All nipple shields should be used under the advisement of a breastfeeding professional. 

How to measure your nipples: 

  • Nipples may be measured by using a regular ruler, or a nipple ruler, if available. 
  • Because generally nipples are round and circled shape, you must measure the diameter, but not including the areola. It is very common that one nipple size varies from the other, so it is important to measure both. 
  • Start off by stimulating your nipple with your fingers as to erect it and have it protruding outward for a more accurate measure. 
  • Gently press the ruler over your nipple and measure its width (diameter), or use a nipple ruler 
  • Once measured, and 2 to 5 millimetres to your measurements to find your size 
  • Always measure or convert your measurements to millimetres, nipple shield and breast pump flange sizes are given in this format. 
  • Always measure your nipples before using a pump for the first time to make sure you fit your breasts into the correct size flange. Same goes for nipple shields, you must measure your nipples prior to nipple shield use for them to function properly while wearing. 


Pack contains: 

  • 2 Contact Nipple Shields  
  • 1 Protective case