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About Us - This is our story

Our core values

We believe that all Mamas deserve to feel good about themselves and be confident in what they do. We strive to help with that by bringing to you maternity lingerie with the best fit, stylish designs and, most importantly, comfort and practicality to fulfil your roles as a Mama.

The Story |  How we came to be

When our founder Samyra found out she was pregnant, one of the first things she did was to hunt for new clothing and underwear that suited her personality as well as her new role as an expectant mother and eventually full-time Mama!

She understood that part of an expectant Mama’s glow comes from within and having the right motherly lingerie certainly helps with that. To her disbelief, she could not find anything that matched practicality with style. Surely it was possible to have the right comfort and support while looking good in maternity underwear?

Slinky&Co was born to satisfy that need. We want our lingerie to help add sparkle to your life and boost your self-esteem at a time when you are going through so many changes in such a short time.

And the name? We wanted to find a descriptive way to represent how Mamas want to feel. You want your lingerie to fit closely to the lines of the body and accentuate your curves. You want it to be graceful and sinuous… sometimes even seductive. Why not? We believe Slinky embodies all that.

Behind the Scenes

We are all hard-working Mamas at Slinky&Co. We go through the struggles of everyday life, tending to our families, our babies and, partners, chores and all the mundane things that come our way.

Backed by this experience, we are all passionate about offering you the very best in underwear that will simply make you feel better about yourself. Maternity and post-partum are truly special times, but they also present their challenges. This is why we want to help you bring the best in you and help you Mamas shine.