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Seven top travelling tips while pregnant

By Rebecca Mizzi - Mother, Midwife & Hypnobirthing teacher  

With many of us returning to our travel plans this summer, lets talk about travelling with a bump on board! These are my top tips for travelling while pregnant



The best time to travel during pregnancy would be in the second trimester, that is not saying the 1st and 3rd trimesters are out, however it is likely that this is when you will feel most comfortable. If travelling in the 3rd trimester, always consult with your midwife or doctor first, and if flying the airline. Most airlines have a policy against flying in the last few weeks of pregnancy.



Keeping hydrated during pregnancy is important at all times, especially while travelling, aeroplanes dry you out! Carrying a refillable water bottle is the greenest way to do this. Most airports have a water fountain to refill your bottle after security. Once you arrive at your location you can purchase large bottles of drinking water and refill your bottle accordingly. Additionally, some parks and sometimes even shopping malls will have a water fountain.




The second most important thing for pregnancy (after keeping hydrated) is having small frequent meals. Having a few healthy snacks with you for your trip and your stay is always a good idea. Think a long the lines of wholegrain crackers, mixed nuts and healthy cereal bars.



Always have your pregnancy documentation with you (Blue card), pre-natal vitamins, comfortable walking shoes, and loose comfortable clothing. Your bump will likely grow during your visit if in the second or third trimester.



Do ask for an aisle seat on aeroplanes if you prefer it. It will make going to the restroom easier. If travelling by car take frequent breaks to stretch your legs too. Consider it an opportunity to add more sight seeing spots to your itinerary :)



Schedule time for rest. Most of us in this day and age travel to escape from the routine of everyday life and unwind, I can’t overstate this enough! Choose your location wisely to ensure plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you don’t get your usual amount of sightseeing done, remember you're growing another person at the same time, and that’s a lot of work in itself!



It may very well be the last trip you take without a little persons needing your constant attention every single second. So bare this in mind and make the most our of your holiday.

It's OK if you do nothing and just chill around, have a mocktail, stay in bed and get breakfast in your suit, get in early and sleep an entire night. 


Not everyone opts to travel while pregnant. Despite travelling, being safe and having a healthy pregnancy is key. As with anything else, only do what you feel comfortable doing while pregnant.

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