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Mama lingerie must-haves

Let's start this blog off by stating the obvious...motherhood can be pretty overwhelming. As your start to grow your little human inside of you, and even after you give birth, changes start to come into effect; bodily changes, your perspective towards life, your temper, and so many others. Changes that are sometimes very difficult to understand or relate to by your partner. These will undoubtedly also impact your self-esteem.  
During your pregnancy practically nothing fits you anymore, most of your clothes are just hanging there while you lust over them, not to mention the underwear...more specifically the bras!  

You could opt to go braless, but let’s face it, it is not always possible to do so, especially if you’re heavier at the top, and certain occasions or outfits require you to wear a bra in any case.  

The first question that might pop to your mind is; When do I need to buy a maternity bra? 

Well this is very debatable. There is no specific number of weeks as to when you should buy a maternity bra. It rather depends on the individual or when you start to out-grow your non-maternity bras. 


It might be confusing to determine your new bra size now that your back has started to expand, and your breasts are waaay fuller than they used to be.  
Worry not Mama! Reach out to us on either of our socials or through the website chat itself, and we will help you with a personalized step by step guide on how to measure yourself, and determine which bras are fit for you depending at which stage of motherhood you’re at. 

Your next question might be; ...But what bras should I go for? 

Even though not every woman has the same style and taste towards undergarments, I believe you should always have your basics sorted out; a sleep bra, a day bra, a contoured bra, and a sexy bra. Obviously you will need more than one from each category 🤣

You might also ask yours, what is the benefit of having a good maternity bra? 

Primarily, it is for support, comfort, and the prevention of any future problems with your breasts or milk supply. However, on the plus side, an aesthetically pleasing maternity bra will also serve a practical purpose to your breastfeeding journey, and will most likely be with you even after you wean your baby off the breast. The possibility of being able and wanting to wear your nursing bra after your breastfeeding days, makes it even a better, and not to mention a more financially sustainable purchase. 


As a Mama myself, I am here to share what basic necessities I believe are a must-have in your Mama lingerie drawer. 

1. The Sleep Bra

The My Necessity sleep bra, is truly a necessity. I would recommend to having at least 2 or 3 in this style – you need to change them quite often if you plan to breastfeed; milk stains, baby vomit and body sweat/odour.  

This nursing bra, has the sports bra look but is not intended for high impact sports (not that you’ll have the energy to do much anyway, but just sayin’)  
Since it is completely wire free with light removable padding (perfect to prevent any milk leaks), and is unexplainably soft and stretchy, it is also perfect to sleep in.  Notwithstanding, it also offers very good support to your back and breasts – you will only understand what I’m saying when you try one on! I practically lived in this style, and I still wear it to this very day...6 months on from weaning my boy off the breast. 

Also, thanks to its side sling support this is a perfect item to pack in your hospital Mama-bag as it allows you have the best skin-to-skin contact during those delicate new-born days. 

Also available to choose in Nude and Rose colours, this bra fits Mamas in sizes between 32-40 in cups A-G 


Moving on, having just the above bra option will just not be enough. In all, you need about 4 or 5 bras to be equipped with the basics, especially if you’re having a summer baby, or breastfeeding over the summer.  

You must also keep in mind the you need 2 to 3 bras to be ready packed in your hospital bag, plus the one you’ll be wearing when walking in for your 2/3 day stay. 


2. The day bra.

A good follow up option to the My Necessity, would be the Show Off  nursing bra, which goes by as a really comfortable day bra.  
Wireless and soft cupped (no padding), cotton lined and stretchable at the top rim of the cups, giving room for your breasts to expand during engorgements or before a feed. 

With the above-mentioned features, a drop-down nursing cup and A-frame support, this style allows for a more discreet feed. I especially love this bra as apart from being practical, it has a dainty lace finish at the top, giving it that feminine yet not too provocative touch to its final look. This Show Off style is also a good bra to pack in your hospital Mama-bag. 

This style fits close to all Mamabods as it comes in sizes 32-42 at the back band in cups C-J, in either Ivory or Black. 


Another style similar to the Show Off, would be the Lunar Eclipse.  

Also, wireless and soft cupped, with a side-sling support this bra can be a 3rd option or an alternative to go for while also being suitable to pack in your hospital Mama-bag. 

Currently available in a naked nude colour, fitting 32-38 cups D-G 


3. The Contoured Bra

Once you're out of hospital and the post-partum weeks start to roll on, you start to gain consciousness into your new life and role as a Mama with a new-born. You start to venture out further then just your living area and find yourself the need of a good breastfeeding T-shirt bra, and this is where theAmbition Triangle will surely hit all the criteria you’re after. 

It is contoured (lightly padded) and is also wire free, has mesh A-frame breastfeeding cups, finished off with a lovely plunging neckline which is so convenient for the lower cut tops. The Ambition Triangle is available in both shell pink and black to fit every look you’re after. On the plus side, thanks to it’s rose-gold magnetic nursing clips, it further masks it’s true purpose as a nursing bra making it a definite wear post your breastfeeding days too! 

This style fits backs 32-38 in cups C-G 


4. The Sexy Bra

If you’re into lacey lingerie, a 4th style to have in your Mama lingerie drawer is something fancier and dressier compared to the ones mentioned above.  

The ‘Warrior Soft cup’ is by far our best seller and rightly so. 

Available in both black and ivory (as seen above), this style is wireless and soft-cupped, with a drop-down side-sling support and rose-gold magnetic clips finished off with a super kinky back. 


All the bras mentioned in this article are completely wireless, making them safe to be worn by both pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas.  

Disclaimer: do not be fooled into thinking that that wireless bras lack support in comparison to wired bras. This could not be further from the truth!

I must also point out that even though many of us (women/mamas) are used to wearing under-wired bras, flexi under-wire is not recommended to be worn by pregnant/breastfeeding women for the first 3 months of either stage. This is to prevent  blocked ducts or mastitis (believe me DO NOT WANT this discomfort). 

Further on, you might also opt for one or more of our flexi-underwired bras which are all safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding (after the first three months). The flexi-wired bra selection fit in many of the basic categories (day, contoured & sexy), except for the sleep bra, as it is not recommended you sleep in any form of wired bras, especially if you're breastfeeding!

Flexi-wired bras tend to offer more support especially to those with larger breasts. 


In conclusion, emotionally, a mother goes through many phases, and having the option of maintaining your femininity while also having the adequate support and comfort with of a proper fitting, sexy looking bra, will have you facing your days with more strength and empowerment. 

Remember, that sexy is not just the way you look, but also the way you act and carry yourself.

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