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Celebrating Motherhood: The Ultimate Gifting Guide

By Rebecca Mizzi - Mother, Midwife & Hypnobirthing teacher  

What’s the best gift you can give an expectant mother? A listening ear and an open mind when listening to her. What’s the best gift you can give a new mother? Food, rest and also a listening ear and an open mind. You are getting the gist more listening, love and kindness, less judgement and unsolicited advice.   

With Christmas approaching and a new year with new arrivals expected, you may be finding yourself looking to gift expecting and new parents. Like many you may be quickly drawn into the expert marketing of anything and everything baby related, finding yourself purchasing baby gear, baby clothes and a whole lot of other items which get all of a few weeks to (if you’re lucky) a few months use. But what do babies actually need? Of course, they must be clothed and there are some essentials to prepare, but what does a new baby really need? 9 years into midwifery and 3 years into parenting I can confidently, hand on heart say they need their parents, and parents who are happy and confident. It sounds simple, but is it? The early days of parenting are so demanding and life transforming, that it actually isn’t as simple as I’ve just made it sound. Some will be lucky enough to be surrounded by a ‘village’ of support, others may have to find and formulate their own support system. So as the gifting season approaches lets be more thoughtful and more intentional when thinking of new parents and new babies - we need to start taking a home cooked meal for the freezer when we visit new parents rather than another baby outfit. Some quick and easy freeze meal ideas can be found here from none other than mama herself Nakita, from themamamanual.com .


I’m a new dad what’s the best gift I can give?  

If you’re a new dad or partner the best thing you can offer a new mum is your time! Time off work when the baby arrives, although unfortunately not statutory by law in Malta, this will make a huge difference to your family. Time together before a new baby’s arrival is also just as important for your relationship. Looking for a gift to open, keep in mind her current tastes and interests, just because she’s about to become a mother doesn’t mean she’s no longer herself. For something beautiful and practical you would do well to check out their SO feminine nursing wear available at Slinky&Co.   


What to get a second-time mum?  

In a second or consecutive pregnancy and birth it may seem that they must have it all already, however a few special items for this new venture make a nice addition and change to what they already have, certain items may also be outdated, outworn or need changing. Furthermore, taking care of an already busy mama while she’s expecting by offering help with childcare and making sure she finds time for her own self care is great! It’s also good to keep in mind any siblings when purchasing gifts, a small gift for them makes them feel special too!   


I’m organizing a baby shower how shall I go about it?  

I’ve started to look at baby showers in a whole new light since becoming a midwife. I now see them as an opportunity to celebrate motherhood, there’s ample opportunities to celebrate babies at baptisms, 1st birthdays, milestones etc., but who is celebrating mothers? Having a motherhood blessing in lieu of the traditional baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the ones you love.   

There is a unique power in getting a group of likeminded women together to share their support for a new mother. Swap baby-related games with positive affirmation writing and decorating, perhaps host it at a spa with pregnancy treatments for the mum to be, and most importantly encourage sharing solely the positive aspects and advice of birth and parenting! As for gifts ditch the baby items and opt for gifts for the mother to use in pregnancy and while nursing or pampering items for pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Keep food and drink items as with any celebration, but make sure it’s all suitable for pregnancy!  


Christmas ideas   

With Christmas around the corner, you may be wondering what to get an expecting or new mother. The possibilities are endless and there is now so much choice available when it comes to maternity and nursing items and products! Useful gifts that can go from Christmas stocking to the expectant mother’s hospital bag are a god send to new mums after birth and are sure to make those first few days more comfortable and luxurious for her. One such item are maternity and nursing bras, camisoles and nightwear. ‘safe’ gift could be one of Slinky&Co vouchers starting off from just  15, going up to a  100. To top it all, it is not only a ‘safe’ giving Mama the ability to choose her preferred style and size but Slinky&Co’s gift vouchers do not expire, can be used in more than one online purchase until the full amount of the voucher is used up, as well as it can all be done ELECTRONICALLY; bought, sent to you and redeemed – the whole process is hassle free! 

Actually let me make it even more easy for you, here’s the link to it too :) 


By nurturing mothers, we are in turn nurturing babies and families, so think outside of the box and go beyond a baby grow this Christmas!   

Slinky&Co has a super helpful team who can help guide you with anything you need their store, give them a shout out on either their FB page or their IG and they will surely be happy to help out.  

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